Khadija Hamisi, DNP is an impressive mental health care specialist with a stellar education – from her Associate of Arts degree at Riverside Community College, to her Bachelor and Master degrees in Nursing & Adult Psychiatric Mental Health at California State Universities San Bernardino & Long Beach respectively, capped off by a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Brandman University (UMass Global). Her commitment to growing with the field has made Dr. Hamisi highly-trained and extremely experienced when it comes to providing excellent psychiatric care for patients across all ages!


Maryam Gulraiz is a nurse practitioner who has dedicated her practice to caring for people with both primary care and psychiatric mental health needs. Her expertise in various medical settings and training ensure that each patient she sees leaves feeling heard, understood and respected – because Maryam believes providing care isn’t just about treating symptoms, but also showing them kindness along the way.

Maryam is a passionate healthcare provider committed to cultivating an atmosphere of comfort and education for her patients. From postpartum depression to ADHD, no one’s struggles are too small or large – Maryam works with people from all walks of life, spanning generations and cultures alike!


With an enduring passion for improving mental health, Cathy is a certified psychiatric nurse practitioner who has dedicated over 11 years of her career to making a difference. After graduating in 2009 and working as a charge nurse across various settings, she completed specialized training at the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science. Admired among patients for her empathetic approach, Cathys experience spans both inpatient and outpatient environments; enabling individuals from all walks of life to reach their optimal wellness levels. Furthermore – when not caring for others- she enjoys unwinding with family members outdoors or connecting with friends on leisure days off!

Pavel Ksendz, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

Pavel Ksendz is a compassionate Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and committed to supporting patients in achieving their health goals through evidence-based care. He graduated from California State University, Los Angeles and has extensive training working with both adolescents and adults struggling with depression disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disturbances or substance use issues – even when treatment may seem resistant. With over 7 years’ experience in intensive care & hospice settings prior to entering this field of practice; Pavel offers an empathetic approach that seeks to understand each individual’s circumstances while providing culturally sensitive support along on life journeys towards greater wellbeing.

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